PESTZONE Termite & Pest Control Service Experts is a well-established organization with well trained staff (all our operatives are trained at least to the level of health standard and have a couple years of experience), and our service provision is equal to any on the market. Our liaison with the Environmental Health Section also allows greater co-operation with local enforcement bodies and this gives a more direct and comprehensive information base for related matters. Pest Zone Pest Control Services offers professional Termite & Pest control services covering almost all Kenyan Counties. We are committed to providing and maintaining the highest level of service to all our customers whether for your home or for your business. A professional, efficient and friendly service is guaranteed. Our rates|| Pest Control Charges are Pocket Friendly, Reasonable and Competitive. We cover almost all your Pests: Rodents > Rats, Mice, moles, Flies, Fleas, Bedbugs, Moths, Cockroaches, Carpet and Larder beetles, Stored Product Pests and Many More.

Pest Zone is Kenya’s 1st choice  Pest Control Service Provider with many years of operational experience in integrated pest management and control for both commercial and residential settlements. We are experts in providing the most efficient and effective fumigation service to improve the quality of life of our client’s homes and offices, giving them a true pest-free peace of mind by integrating state of the art equipment with very effective chemicals which are very potent against pests yet harmless to humans. Pest Zone provides a comprehensive range of both industrial and residential pest control services in Kenya to home owners across Kenya.

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