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S.T.O.P the Bugs with Professional Cockroach Control Services & Treatment from Pest Zone Termite and Pest Control Experts.Cockroaches can infest pretty much any property. Usually, they are most active during the late hours when all the lights are out. Their numbers can grow incredibly fast if you don’t take any precautions at all.Cockroach Control Services

If you start to notice cockroaches that roam around your property during daytime, then this is a sure sign of a full-blown infestation. Pest Zone Pest Control offer you full-service cockroach treatment in London that will successfully eliminate the threat. This way you can be sure that the pesky insects won’t bother you for a prolonged period of time. Your Pest Zone cockroach pest control specialists will look around your property or
workplace to determine how serious the infestation you’re dealing with is

Why is my home attacked by roaches?
Unsanitary environments attract cockroaches like magnets and it’s common to see them skulking around overflowing bins or spilt food. Other culprits are usually decaying foods such as meat, cheese, starch, or sweets. Damp basements, leaky pipes, and other stagnant water sources are also popular with cockroaches as they need lots of moisture in order to survive. .

Can cockroaches bite?
Only some species, such as the German cockroach, are known to bite humans. However, while bites are relatively rare, these insects often carry a lot of harmful bacteria on their bodies and legs that can easily contaminate your food or utensils and jeopardise your health.

My home is as clean as it gets. Why do I still have roaches?
Cockroaches are skilled hitchhikers, so they can easily sneak into your home by hiding inside bags, packages, briefcases, or even potted plants. If your neighbour is using pesticides to deal with a cockroach infestation, the insects may escape through the bathroom pipework and enter your home instead. Finally, they can simply crawl in through any door that you forgot to close.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?cockroach control services-Pest Zone
A thorough clean of all floors, appliances, kitchen and bathroom surfaces to remove leftover food or debris will usually discourage cockroaches from leaving their hideouts. You can also deter the insects by fixing damaged pipes, filling in wall cracks, and keeping moisture levels in the bathroom low. A water and baking soda mixture will also work wonders against the bugs.

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