Get Best Guaranteed Woodworm Control and Treatment Services in Kenya to Protect Your Wooden Furniture.

You have been asking on where to get effective woodworm Control & treatment service. Then, you have landed to the right place. The so called woodworm are actually larvae of certain wood-boring beetles. Some signs of infestation include little exit holes and tunnel-like marks in the wood, as well as bore dust and beetle carcasses around furniture and woodwork. In case your property has been infested, contact our pest control company for an effective woodworm Control & treatment service.


Pest Zone Pest Control will send an experienced specialist to your place who will handle the situation. First, he will carefully examine the areas that are affected by woodworm to determine the level of infestation and assess the damage. Then he will proceed with the actual treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions On Woodworm control and Treatment.

  • What is a woodworm? Woodworm Control
    Essentially, the woodworms that you hear gnawing at your wooden
    furniture are the wood-eating larvae of a beetle. There are many types of
    beetles that lay their offspring in materials made of wood, such as the
    Ambrosia beetles, the Wood boring weevils, and more.
  • How do I know if my home is infested?
    If the surface of your furniture, floorboards, or roof joists is perforated by
    several tiny holes, this doesn’t necessary mean that the bugs are still
    active. To identify an ongoing infestation, look for fine powdery dust or
    adult beetles coming out of these improvised tunnels. Alternatively,
    carefully scratch away the wooden surface – if you spot any larvae, then
    you have a problem.
  • How do I deal with woodworms?Woodworm Control
    This depends on the species of beetle you face. For instance, the common
    furniture beetle is relatively harmless and can be treated with coats of
    water-based boron that can be either brushed or sprayed on. Deathwatch
    beetles, on the other hand, like to burrow deep and can cause significant
    structural damage. They will require the injection of boron by a trained

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